Kacey Deverell


on March 27, 2013

My Family (My Family – April 2012)

Welcome! My name is Kacey Deverell. I am married to my husband, David, and have three children: Trevor (15), Maddelyne, (8), and Drake (5). I am a Mentor/Mentor Supervisor Indiana’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), Paths to QUALITY, serving ten counties in Northeast and North central Indiana. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Currently, I support licensed family child care homes, licensed centers, and faith based exempt programs that have eared their Voluntary Certification as they improve the quality of the care their provide and work to move up the QRIS system. I am also working wiht faith based exempt programs who have not earned their Voluntary Certification to obtain this in order to become eligible for Paths to QUALITY.

Before move to Fort Wayne three years ago, I lived in Lafayette, Indiana, and worked for the Head Start/Early Head Start for five years. During my time there I worked in the classroom as a preschool and two year old teacher, a family adovcate as well as a center director/site superivisor. I learned a lot about myself in those five years – as a teacher, as a leader, and as a person. I think what I learned most, was the importance of families and their roles’ in their children’s education.

While at Head Start/Early Head Start, I loved being in the classroom and working with the families of the children I taught; however, I have come to find a passion for working with adults who are in the field of early childhood. I see the impact that I can make on the field, the change that can occur within an early learning environment when the caregiver/teacher is supported and coached. I love the relationships that form  through my work. I am motivated by those that I work with and the providers, caregivers, teachers and directors I support. I share my knowledge and my experiences; and in return they share theirs. I see the impact the field of early childhood can have on a child; yet, what I have found is that positive change only occurs when the provider, caregiver, teacher, or director truly desires to change. Over the past three years, I have began to wonder how I can help to “spark” that internal motivation in order to create lasting change. As a result, I am now piloting a Learning Commmunity Project among the family child care providers that we serve. I am very excited about the project and although it has just begun (this week); I am looking forward to the possiblities this project can bring.



11 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Beautiful Family!!! I think the project of wanting to know how to spark an internal motivation is such a great idea!? That has always been a mystery to me? Why do some people have such a strong internal motivation, while some people do not seem to have any at all?

    • kdeverell says:

      Nicola, Thank you for you comments. I am so astounded by those who choose to enter the field of ECE and wonder as to what makes them get into the field.

  2. Hi Kacey,
    Nice blog! Thank you for sharing with us. I already linked your blog to mine. You can find your postings on the upper right side of my blog.

  3. Hello Kacey,

    Your blog is great! I loved the baby picture and the picture of your family. In an on-line environment, it helps me make mental connections when I have a visual to pair with it. I enjoyed reading your comments and I wish more people had the desire to make a difference with adults, it would make our students’ lives much easier. I look forward to hearing more about your new program and how the families are engaging with you.

    • kdeverell says:

      I agree – the visual definitely help make the distance of online learning feel more personal. Thank you for your comments. I feel that in order to make a positive, lasting impact on children, we also need to address the concerns and issues related to the adults caring for and teaching the young children. I look forward to moving ahead in this semester, now that I “know” who my partners are :).


  4. Hi Kacey, I enjoy reading all the information on your blog, thank you for sharing. I look forward to learn more about QRIS from you!

  5. Daine Mackson-Russell says:

    Hello Kacey,

    I would love to know about becoming a Mentor/Mentor Supervisor and how to get into that line of work?

    • kdeverell says:

      I work for our state’s Quality Rating and Improvement System that is a part of our Child CAre Resource and Referral Network. Part of our system is mentoring child care providers through Paths to QUALITY (4 levels of quality). I mentor family child care homes, licensed centers, and faith based unlicensed, registered centers. When I began, there were 2 PTQ mentors in my agency, now there are four. In October 2012, our state went from 11 CCRR’s to 9 and in that process our area expanded and we hired 2 more mentors. With that change, they needed a mentor supervisor and I transitioned into that position. To be a mentor experience in the field is a must and Bachelor’s degree required. Your state has a CCRR system, but every state is set up differenty. I would look at agencies that might do something similiar to what my department does. Every state is a little different, but there are mentoring programs throughout the US

  6. Tracy Lewis says:

    Kacey, please share what you can about internal motivation. As we mentioned before, I am a QRIS coach also and understand the challenges of working ece providers. Quality is our goal but it is a long road to get there. What is the period of time that your agency will work with a school? Our time frame is 18 months.

    • kdeverell says:

      I actually just came from a great 2 day seminar on creating a Contious Quality Improvement Plans. Much of the conversation was about Communities of Practice and coaching. go to http://www.ewenger.com/theory for some great information. Also check out Pat Wesley’s Consultation in Early Childhood Education and Thomas Crane’s Heart of Coaching.

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